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"End of the September Road"

We are almost at the end of one group's sessions.

Many are jumping ship and running towards the December exam. Not wise, but what to do?

Those who have jumped ship, please note the only classes you can roll over to are held:

Tuesdays 4-6

Thursdays 4-6

Saturdays 1-3 or 3-5. Select one group, if you are rolling over.

Front desk has to be informed.

Do note i have kept quiet as most of you are not ready to submit Early Decion and Early Action.

I am chomping at the bits, but biding time. No more! Press those buttons!


Next week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be the days mock exams are given.

Students can come in at any time between 10-5 to do the exams. They will be marked on spot.

Go study! Call front desk to sign up.

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