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Return to Normalcy

The parents and students are in high gear.

Everyone now seems to be on track.


Common applications, essays, videos, resumes are nearing completion...whoopee.

One student has completed all her apps, she hails from Wolmer's Girls' ....congrats!!!!

Montego Bay just had their PTA thus they are revving their engines.

If not registered for exams, whoa, Sept 7 is close. Those doing the August exam, good luck.

This Saturday in the US...

New Schedules for September Classes

Montego Bay will commence September 1.

Kingston will begin September 8.

In Kingston, classes will hold sessions:

Tues/Thurs: 4-6 pm

Sats: 10-12/1-3/3-5


Those applying ED and EA, all should be completed by September 15.

(People wait in the streets after evacuating buildings in Caracas on August 21 following an earthquake.)


For earthquake victims, we pray for Venezuela and those Caribbean isles. Could have been Jamaica.


SAT, SSAT, GRE, GMAT should have completed at least two past paper books by now.


More books will get to office on Sunday.

See you soon.

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