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So the CAPE results are out. Most good, some average, some bad. What to do? We march on. To different drumbeats. The common denominator is that all who were relaxed going into the October SAT exam, now feel the pinch and must bear down heavily on studying.

The ball is in your court, students! Parents, take out those whips and start lashing ....(no child abuse now), the proverbial lashing,

Do remember the front desk in the auspicious person of Ms. Williamson is there to assist with the SAT registration.

Those sitting the exam in August, good luck. I know you are all overseas calm, pray and slay.

The PTA meeting went well. I cannot quite recap for those not present, but I strongly advise that you grab one of the handouts at the front desk. I left a few copies there. As for the magazines you should be reading, these are now available at the desk in the lobby....

Doing SAT II subject tests? Time to get the books and start studying.....

Happy about the responses to the Oberlin weekend. Good going guys!

Running Commentary: I have noticed the resurgence of energy within the student body, please let it remain as strong....on we march into exam success.

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