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Parents Meeting

Another Wednesday, another blog. We have rested, worked productively?, celebrated it is back to the academic grind. CAPE results are out this weekend. CSEC, the following weekend. Oh dear!

And this Sunday, we will host our Parents Meeting at 4 p.m. Stella maris Auditorium. I do know that Mobay is also hosting theirs simultaneously.

We will send out the clarion call as to the plans to be rolled out for the successful passage of all our students to college, scholarships, boarding schools and graduate programs.


It is time to register for SAT. Need help? Come see Ms. Bramwell or front desk.


For consultations, do note, if there are 5 students to see me, I will travel by the Knutsford Bus and be there for the day, but if it is just one person, I would prefer to Skype or a phone call. My Skype name is directorsandra.


The site has been refreshed. It is time to complete your applications. I am seeing a few of you...step up the pressure guys! before school begins....


First school to admit Blacks (historically) are having three weekends where expenses are all paid to visit their campus. This is a difficult school to get into....Scores range from 1400 and up. Those interested in going should see me for the details.


Our interns are no more. Off they go. We had a great time. Thank you so much! The office will miss your craziness.....

See you next week.

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