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Welcome Back! I have allowed the blog to lapse a bit as I needed some time to do personal reflections. But with 360 students up, off and graduated to college, boarding and graduate school from Versan, I thought it was time to wake up and welcome the new summer cohort.

There have been dramatic changes.

In Montego bay, Callay Jarrett is now the new Manager. In Kingston, the neW Verbal Teachers are Ms. Stephens and Ms. Isaacs. (Will send pictures)....

The office has expanded somewhat and retrenched somewhat....Room 2 has been given a bit more space and the main office has been subdivided to provide an additional Work Room.

Changes, changes.....

At Reggae Sumfest, we had a bulletin notice during band changes on Saturday night, arguably the best more visibility....

I do miss the classroom, but this is for my own good. Doors are always open for consultation.

By the way, Parents' Meeting will be held when everyone returns from their holiday trip. August 1-6. No classes this week.

It is time for all and sundry to register for SAT or SSAT. All Versan students must complete their applications by September 15. So let us get on with it!


Nationwide survey of college-aged students to learn about their level of financial literacy, the results were alarming to say the least. Our findings show that most high school and/or college students, lack the basic understanding of the two major financial products that they will encounter on campus: credit cards and student loans. To help students develop a better understanding of these products, we have created these in-depth guides:

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