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Last week Wednesday was a public holiday in Jamaica. The blog had a day's break. Our staff labored at Cornwall Regional Hospital painting the new nurses' quarters.

We are in full preparations for the Farewell. The bus is hired to bring in the Mobay troops. The entertainment is set. Agendas printed. You all know that we moved the date forward from June 10 to June 9. Why? We knew that the final exams for CAPE and CXC are on June 11. So we say our farewells Saturday night and give you June 10 to do final preparations.

My German classes have been put on break until after the event. Thanks!

The blog will take a break till the first week of July.

Summer classes will begin July 1. Registration has begun.


I can add this week a unique family.

Charles Darby. Blue Ridge School

Deanna Mitchell. Barry University

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