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"A Friend Once Told Me.." Wednesday Blog

A friend once told me that humble beings always lived longer and ate the most pie. Social media has destroyed many with cyberbullying, nasty retorts and a dehumanization of sorts. Trolls can make or break reputations. To those caught in the pride snare, I say be careful. I recently met a young woman who placed fear in many people's hearts because she advertised that she had made it into Yale. She left her peers cowering that they had failed and she held the upper hand. Social media just revealed that she spent a year at University of Miami before being transferred to Yale. Such chutzpah! Unethical....It is ok to be at Yale, it is also ok to say this is where I am. You make the school, not the school you. I have many students from the Ivy League graduation ceremonies still searching for a position or the way forward.....

My past student, Donisha Prendergast, had to defend herself against racial profiling as "she had not waved" to a white neighbor in a predominantly white neighborhood. How social media tried to victimize her! I was simply in awe that she made it to CNN, hired a lawyer and articulated how this reaction from an insular White person made her feel. Those were my rules to students going off to college who might face racism on campus. She finally had a chance to use those skills I have always informed students to use. Bravo, Donisha.....and those leaving, heed my rules on June 10th at the Farewell.

On last count by the able-bodied staff, we have safely placed over 300 students for take-off this year. The list is being prepared for show at the June 10th event. The agenda for the evening has been typed. The decor is in place. I just have to get my Powerpoint presentation ready.

Pearce, I leave next week, so hang in there.

Congrats to all those students who won awards at Ardenne's recent graduation. I saw those first and second places. Good show, guys. Missing you already. Marcuuuus!

I want to thank Naomi McKenzie whose dissertation for her PhD has been approved at Tufts University. I have been cited in her work and am now invited to speak at her colloquium meeting. I will expand on the findings of her research next week when I have taken pictures. It is an extension of Versan's work.....and I say, wow! Honored. She is truly a Versan baby: from boarding school to College to graduate exceptional Versan alum.

In Mobay, yesterday, I saw Ms. Reid's student loan approved along with Kagriene Malcolm's...and Damion Samuels also got his student visa. Yaay!


Shanique Bailey Medical School University of Buffalo

Natalia Harris Barry University

Naomi Eaton Thornton Academy

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