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"Mothers are our Teachers" Wednesday Blog

Hi everyone!. It's Wednesday. I do believe that I heralded Mothers last week and today is the infamous Teacher's Day. Unfortunately, my great teachers have largely passed on...Mrs. Magnus, Mrs. Vaz, Mrs. Bromley-Ndala, Mrs. Pinnock, Mme Ghislaine - all great women who shaped this frail being. Kudos to them all and Bravo!


Joshua Hugh - Dalhousie University

Melissa Cai - St. Michael's University/Millsaps College

Schenelle Grey - Medical school in China

Tina Huang - University of Houston

Rachel Walters - Howard

David Daniels - Howard/Univ of Central Florida

William Loshusan - Univ of Vermont

Jordan Madden - Howard

Daniel Zhang - Luther College High

Geana Joie Angus - Kennesaw State University

Oshane Vaccianna - Lincoln Academy

Jovani - Lincoln Academy


If you missed applying for a summer program, here are a few to whet your appetites! See you next week!


Dear Sandra,

Not too Late: We are still accepting applications from international students. Our deadline is not until June 7, but if your student is thinking about applying to Saint Michael’s College, they are welcome to begin the process now at

Skiing and Snowboarding: your students can learn to ski or snowboard and enjoy a year-long ski pass at the legendary Sugarbush resort, which is about 45 minutes from our campus. This means that anyone who enrolls this fall will be an excellent skier in by the end of the academic year. Learn all about it in our Press-Release.

All the best, Kevin

Kevin J. Spensley

Director of International Enrollment & Senior Int’l Officer

Saint Michael’s College: a university in Vermont USA

+1-802-654-2357 •


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