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"TEMPERANCE" Wednesday Blog

The training of teachers at the Edwin Allen High school this past weekend was delightful. I adored their chutzpah, their drive and bonhomie. Edwin Allen is a dynamo in sports, they are now reinforcing their girth to do a marvelous job with academics. Lead on!


Iyanda Channer Newman: Georgetown/NYU

Ada Liao: Luther College High

Chelsea Walters: Wesleyan/St. John's//Bryant/Bentley/Kettering/Drake/Kettering

I left my book at home so do forgive me those whose names should have been added.


The SSAT exam is this Saturday. Good luck to all the students who are ready and able....

Go your words. Alyssa, there is July....


Within a few days, it will be the SAT exam. Buckle down with your timing, practice !!!


Daneel Nichol and Monique Allan are now in office. As I careen around them, pushing and prodding into being, they are both doing a great job and seeing that the office is organized. We give thanks for Mr. Karenga, Mr. Powell, Ms. Richardson, Raheen Chin, Ms. Millie and all the upstarts who will join us this summer: Anais, Pearce and Jahmila. A force to be reckoned with......


All is in full gear towards June 10th. Yes sir!


This Sunday, April 22nd, we will meet with a few parents and families of those accepted to boarding schools. At the FArewell, we will not be able to cover all those details, so do not miss this event.

See you all next week.

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