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"The End of A Cycle" Wednesday Blog

Thanks ever so much for the birthday greetings. Had a great day...

There are those who feel we have been adding names every week and winding down...not really. We can still place up until July 31.

I see the Howard decisions are out. Good. Many waited on this school to bring home the goods.

As usual, they did.

As it was a birthday week, I will be quite even my Soca babies are distracted by Carnival. Yes, i did notice a few missing souls...from class last weekend...


Camille James: Temple University

Chris Ann: Emory/Kettering/Gonzaga/FIT

Victoria Jones: Emory/Boston University

Jahmani Jackson: Quest University

Karen Huang:University of British Columbia

Graeme Reid: Howard University

Lois Ann Hall: Howard University

Rhymie Reid: Georgia Tech


This weekend we assist Edwin Allen with their Teacher Training for a SAT center. So Marcus, Sunday, yes....

The Caribbean Boarding School Fair is set for Trinidad, Barbados, St. Lucia and Jamaica. Watch this space for future notes on that event.

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