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"Loans, Visas and Re-Evaluation" Wednesday Blog

So the wind blew. What a competitive year. Rejections, wait-lists and acceptances. America claimed its own overseas kids. If you were an American or Green Card holder, you survived the threat of the competitiveness....

A few beat the odds and gained a spot, Bravo! All year, it was a roller coaster ride. Tears, smiles, letters, packages....Let us remember, the ball is now in your court, you make the school, not the other way around.

I hear the whispers of "This is Trump territory, will my black son be safe? My black daughter?" Today is the memorialization of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. THe more things change, the more they remain the same...Come to the Farewell and let me equip you with the arsenal to handle the American society. Tall order, but we have made of it what we will. You must excel. End of story. Too many folks have lost their lives, blood, sweat and tears....let's make them all proud.


So yes, I have seen the story on Howard University. I will advise you all to pay close attention, the acceptances for this year are hinged on the theft of the US$400,000 by a student employee there. Things look a bit bleak. We will see. Watch this page.


Daniel Bennett Haverford/Cornell/Boston College/Vassar

Peter John King Lafayette

Derek Walcott University of Southern California

New York University

Shayne Miller Dartmouth University

University of Waterloo

Queen's University

University of San Diego

Tiger Thomas Southern Connecticut University

University of Hartford

Salve Regina University

Georgia State

Bethany Lutheran

Joel Angus Mount Allison University

Chad Taylor Tufs University/Mew York University/Carnegie Mellon/Rensselaer Poly

Victoria Jones University of Southern California//Boston College/Emory

Britney Chin Young Ithaca/Quinnipiac/Florida Southern

Marcus Thomas UC: Davis


Jordan Lawe NYU/Boston University/Northeastern

Rachel Walter Vassar

Kagiene Malcolm Georgia State University

Dejuan Charles Emory University

Oshane Vaccianna Wayland Academy (Boarding School)

Toni-Ann Farquharson University of Miami

Shelby Barnaby New York University


Preparations are in place. My Powerpoint presentation has begun. Location booked. Awards being sought.

Those travelling this month to look at schools, please be careful, send me notes from your tours....then it is visa time or Sallie Mae loans....

Ciao! Auf Wiedersehen! Au revoir! Ta-Ta!

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