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BLOG "Oh Those Degrees, Black Royalty" WEDNESDAY BLOG

I guess the Black Panther movie has inspired this fabulous sense of Black Royalty. Even our dear politicians are using the word at will, chiding and goading others about their elitist degrees. But shouldn't we aspire for greatness? Shouldn't we want to get into the best, to achieve the utmost? Speak 23 languages like the Black Royalty of old? It seems this generation may have lost it, revellling in bacchanalia and dancehall, emojis and short sentences.....

Don't get me wrong, I love music of all genres, but that is it, I can appreciate music of all genres, even sitting at Carnegie Hall, enjoying Verdi, Rachmaninoff and Gershwin. But that is the beauty of education, isn't it, my tastes are wide. That is what an education does.

So Black Royalty it is !!

This week, I have added a few notices from partners across the world, summer programs and other notices. I do hope my assistant John adds them this week. Thanks, John.


I believe it is Alpha this week.


March 10 is the Ides of march for the SSAT group. I believe everyone is biting fingernails and sitting on them. Do not panic. What will be, will be.


Oshane Annon St. Peter's University/Mercyhurst/Florida Southern

Pierce Smith New York Institute of Technology

Shelby Barnaby - University of Connecticut

Justin Baugh - Dalhousie

Rachel Walters - George Mason University

Sabrina McDonald - University of Tampa



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