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I am still somewhat discombobulated since my sojourn to Frankfield, Clarendon to see a few students. I was pleasantly surprised at their civility, the "Good Mornings" were bountiful....nice! They had curious minds, they were articulate. They were ambitious. As they get ready to slay in Track and Field, I am going to be cheering them on. An adorable Principal Walters and devoted teachers. Anything I can do to help our youth in Jamaica, I will be there at the helm, "wo"-manning the ship! (Had to add the feminist blurb...tis the season.

So, am I happy that Dick's Sporting Goods is banishing the sale of AK-15 rifles - all I can say is the Power of Teenagers: clarity in thought, social media mobilisers, articulate, selfless - I love it. The Age of Reason has dawned. Orange hair out, nepotism, out. Chicanery and Corruption - out. Rebirth. These young people, should we teach them well, they must do this. As a teacher, it is our mandate to have them think clearly, enunciate proudly....oh, boy, goosebumps!


Akeem Nicholson - Jacksonville University

Devargh Harris - FIT

Rebecca Hugh - Intl. Studies Abroad - Thailand

Ravene Reid - Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Julianne Jackson Weir - FIT

Jonathan Lee - Mercyhurst

William Loshusan - Warren Wilson

Chris Ann Ricketts - Florida Southern/Ithaca College, Jacksonville University, Mercyhurst

Shayne Miller - Univ of San Diego

Joseph Welsh - Prince Edward Island University

St. Thomas University

St. Mary's

Makayla Gayle - Ithace College/ FIU/

Diamond Palmer - Austin College

Janice Jackson - SUNY - Oswego/FIT

Shayanne Forbes - Quest

Dianca Watson - Lewis and Clark/Univ of South Florida

Congrats guys!

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