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Ok, I guess I am getting old. I cannot handle these transnational flights anymore..My body was wracked with pain. I returned with the flu, ague and weak..Hence, a total wipe out yesterday, no blog, no classes, no nothing at all.

I had to drag myself to work today. I am still reeling, but the show must go on. My assistant asked me whether I had a backup plan, a substitute teacher. Oh how I wish!

I did not get a chance to wish my SSAT students much success last weekend on their exam.I do hope all went well.

Yes Britney and Oshane, I do remember, actions will be executed today.

The March SAT exam draws hurry up and register. I have heard from a few cold feeters who have decided that they will not be ready by March so they are looking at May/June....alrighty then, that option is yours...

The acceptances keep rolling in, we are thrilled. More than ecstatic..


Kagriene Malcolm -Mercyhurst/Merrimack/St. Joseph's

Dianca Watson -St. John's University

Diamond Palmer - Champlain College

Renee Gordon - Lake Forest College

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