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"The January Student" Wednesday Blog

We had a few students who had to leave this Spring 2018 and face the frigid cold. Jakeem Nicholson headed off to Liberty University to study Aviation.

The good news is that he got there before his roommates did. So he gets first "dibs" on bed selection, closet corners and bathroom layout. Good for him! I do hope I can forward to John our blog's artistic designer, a copy of the video, Jakeem sent us.

Have a good semester. Jakeem. You went through a whirlwind of visa procurement, loan approval to get to school on January 16..whew!

And the acceptances continue.....

Jordan Madden - Florida Inst of Technology

Jason Forbes. Huron at Western

Michael Chen. Quinnipiac

Chad Taylor. Purdue

Kailey Chin. Brandon Hall

Gregory. FIT

Natalia Harris. Jacksonville University

Georgia Kay Whyte St. Michael's College

Ithaca College

Jonathan Lee. St. Peter's College

Jeneille Deans. Arcadia

May my student soldiers continue to reign and pull in their victories!

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