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"CLASSES EN SUITE" Wednesday Blog

So we started off classes today, Montego Bay last Sunday...felt good to be back in the classroom..

We are in the throes of things. St. Mary's University from Canada will be visiting us on February 12, 2018. Do not be square, be there.

SSAT exam was sat last weekend. Students said it felt better than the December one - go figure....results in 10 days!

I must say it feels odd to be teaching SAT so early in the year, when realistically, this should have been the "down period", what is wrong with the Collegeboard? SAT in March?

But the good news is, more acceptances...not bad Versan students, not bad! I am equally impressed with those called for interviews by MIT, UPenn and Harvard.


Graham Millwood - Embry Riddle

Anais Fang - Alfred University

Natalia Harris Ithaca College

Jeneille Deans Colorado State

Diamond Palmer Creighton University

Keep them rolling in Versan students!


SAT classes are now Wed, Thurs (4 -7) and Saturday (10-1)

GRE classes are SAT (10-1)

GMAT classes are Wed (6-9)

SSAT classes are FRI (4-7)

Mobay, so far so good, remains on Sundays....

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