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Well, we made it over. It is 2018. I always fall for that mistake when writing cheques and erroneously put 2017. A hard habit to kick to the curb.

An article came out recently about dwindling numbers for enrollment in the US schools. To be expected....What with Leader Trump, language of division, displacement of many, vulgarization of ideals. Thus, a repulsion towards things American.

It became the norm to now hear junior and senior high school students say, "I would like to look at Europe, what are my chances there?"

Asia, Latin America...anywhere but the good old North..Speculation? I think not. Reasonable fear, yes...We wait and see how far impeachment will go and whether Mueller has a plan to prosecute.

On a more optimistic note: HAPPY NEW YEAR and Auld Lang Syne.....!!!!


Victoria Jones - Case Western University


Kiana Shim - St. Leo's

Zane Gourzong Rollins College

Akeem Nicholson

Akeem Nicholson - Averett University

Chad Taylor - WPI

Shekeima Evans -Jacksonville/SUNY Plattsburg

Jakeem Nicholson : Liberty University

Ravene Reid - Curry College

Natalia Harris - St. Leo's College

Jonathan Lee - Lawrence Technological University


Those taking the exam in March, well, hee-haw, classes begin next week! Back to the grind! Achoo!

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