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"Schools in Ireland" Wednesday Blog

(University of Limerick)

I have been told i brought warm weather to Ireland this week. My hosts and new partners in Ireland, Fergus Finn and Agnes Lavalle were gracious in driving me all over the scenic countryside of Ireland.

Here are the bonus points from visit:

1. Schools are more affordable.

2. First class educational system.

3. Big on sports, but Ireland is predominantly Rugby country.

4. Should one do 3 years of schooling in Ireland, university becomes 2000-4000 euros only, even for medical school.

5. Schools I visited are all in the top ten, so credibility of programs are assured.

6. This educational system has my stamp of approval.

7. Should you learn the Irish language while there, a student receives more bonus points for college entry.

8. Should a nurse with a diploma do one year in Ireland, jobs are "a given" in Ireland as nurses are in short supply.

I will host an evening in Kingston and Montego Bay discussing this trip and its advantages for Jamaican students. See list of schools for further exploration.

Clongowes Wood College

University of Limerick

Glenstal Abbey School

University College Dublin

Blackrock College

Alexandra College

St. Columba's College

Kings Hospital College

Maynooth University

I will discuss each school's specialty. See you soon.

Visit to Mobay High for Girls

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