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The Winding Down....Wednesday Blog

Ok, so I have noticed. I am truly burnt out. Nodding off to sleep during a few meetings...I am out of whack, circadian rhythms off....I am excited that as we wind down to Dec 2, the big day for our SAT students...

Mock exams commenced yesterday until Friday. The groans about Math went to the holy heavens....but, they will survive.

On Friday, December 1, the GRE grand dame will sit her exam. On December 2, our law school applicant will sit his exam. Keymo and Shari, good luck. I know you will both do well.

I am finally going to be present at this exam.. Liberty High (Priory)...they have arrived. Sorry Miller, time to deliver, not to look to March....slay!

Exam Reminders:



#2 pencils

Good eraser


Eat well. Rest for 8 hours before the exam. It is just a test. But do your best.

See you on Saturday, God's willing. Pearce, behave!!

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