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Folks, I am still reeling from all the ups and downs, schlepping across five territories, looking at schools over a 14 day trial: Germany, Amsterdam, Zurich, London, the crosshairs....

What I do know is that I have a bag of goodies, with new schools all tucked away behind my desk. I promise after I have uploaded a ton load of transcripts, I will get to those schools and post the list.

So many insights, so many new avenues...

So while you all have a great weekend, hopefully completing applications, financial aid, et al....I will rebound and have a list ready for posting here and on Whatsapp.

My green card holders and US citizens need to complete their FAFSA and CSS Profile financial aid forms now.

My Jamaican students must do their International Student Financial Aid forms as well as their CSS Profiles.

Nice to see one of my Mobay students trek this way to Kingston on her day off from work to get her daughter's common app done. Tis' the season, and the time.

I have attached a scholarship ad from Wheaton College, please read on SAT students.

I do hope you all fared well last Saturday. Good luck to my Seventh Day Adventist students who will sit it on Monday or Tuesday?

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