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"It's A Wrap" Wednesday Blog

The term is coming to a close for those sitting the October exam. I am trying desperately to slay the great Math fear....many had not tried to seek assistance at the start of July, so we are making a few last ditch efforts.

In the week of October 2, 2017, Dr. Gunter has agreed to come in for a Marathon session. The date will be announced.

The students who attended the Diagnostic at the Math Clinic laid bare a bigger issue...that there were gaps in foundation knowledge of Math education in 9th and 10th grade Algebra.

Watch this space for the date.


Next week is the last class for SAT/GRE students who test early October. Mock exams are slated for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The times are 4-8 pm.

Please call in and select your slot. Or day of testing.


I will miss the October 7 exam. I will be overseas visiting college fairs. My sister has just completed the Boston fair. A few more schools to put under our arsenal giving out scholarships.

Email me for more specific details. I have several new schools worth adding to your original list.

Back to not being with my "chickadees" on October 7. Geana Angus will represent Versan at Priory. Ms Williams at Mt. Alvernia. They will do roll call and be there to whatsapp me re: any emergencies.

Do not forget your tickets, pencils #2, erasers, calculators.

Eat well. Sleep well the night before. No cramming on the morning of the exam. You either know it or you don't. Joke around, release tension. It is just an exam.

It should take some 10 days to get the results back to each student. Remember, I do not receive the results. The students do. I wait for the results, the students must inform so I can review schools and results....I can tell you the way forward.

Where will I be? College fairs in Europe. I will continue my consultations by Skype, email and whatsapp.


Lafayette will be visiting November the Versan office. Mr. Alex Bates looks forward to meeting those interested Versan beavers.


Hurricanes may deflate us but what a team. I do enjoy working with each one of you. Even you, Chris Ann....did I just say that?


Our students who will sit the GRE early October, goid luck on the exam. You were a great class.

And, study, guys. Bring home the grades....



Corey was looking good this morning to get ready on his camping trip - thought you'd enjoy these super cute pictures I took of him and the group! I'm sure he'll have a terrific time.

Hope all is well there -

Enjoy! :-) Rachel

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