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At the onset of SAT classes, I advised all and sundry that this Math covers The topics in Additional Maths, Pure Mathematics and CSEC maths.

Students were advised to get help early as there were gaps to be filled whilst the SAT classes were in motion.

That advisory fell on deaf ears.

Now, the panic sets in. So, on Friday, The Math Clinic on Shortwood road will do diagnostic imaging on the gaps in one's mathematical education. Do not miss it, if only to salvage your defunct Math skills.

You will be given an oral report. We at Versan will need that report.

Please google the location for its number and location.

I am afraid if you let this slip, you may let your Maths Healing lay dormant for a long time.


It is time, those doing SAT 11 exams in is time.

The office is currently out of books for SAT II, the new shipment will arrive on Monday. As well as new SAT books.


Have your list of schools. Start the applications. Write your essays. Resumes. Prepare your letters for coaches. Do your thing. I am waiting.....

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