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A lot of visitors to our office oftentimes see us watching the news on the lobby TV, pasted on MSNBC. Why do we focus on that station? Not only to have a bunch of students know what is happening in the Great USA but to be aware of one's surrounding watch and understand the "ups and downs of the society" and also to make this a teachable moment.

In Charlottesville, we had some five students whose schools were not far away from the racist incident. We prayed. They are safe. But divine intervention played a role.

Then came Harvey in Houston. How many students there. Over five....girls. Gulp. On Facebook, I noticed, Kathryn Hoo chipped in first and said, "I am fine, the first floor of my dorm is flooded, but we are ok."

What do both disasters render about US policies? Here is the teachable moment and area for critical thinking by Versan students...

In the first incident, the President failed to practise speeches of peace but rather speeches fomenting racial division. Even apologetic for our Alt-Right divisions.

Then, we must attest lacking in leadership. Our 45th President then pulls out of the Paris Agreement. Climate Change? Flooding? Prevention of mass damage by planting grasslands to resist such widespread damage to Texas? Again, an oversight by the leadership?

Then I just had to throw this one in for impeachment purposes, just a lark....if I am visiting a flood-ravaged area, why I am in 6 inch heels, and not rubber wellies?

But....the reason we watch MSNBC as an aside to classes weekly.....


So I was thrilled to see my Corey Scott come to say goodbye as he pulls off a record scholarship to Boarding school.....with just $2000 to pay go Corey, most welcome and have a great semester....


I see my boys having a grand time with Ramon's dad who cooked up a storm with oxtail, rice and peas...oh boy!!! Aren't you boys just maintaining the Caribbean vibe at FIT? I need to hear the grades at Christmas!

Ooooh! I love this group. So good at sleuthing....amazing results I predict. Moving at a pace, congrats.

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