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So the mad scramble has begun. Today by 11;59 pm, all should register for the exam. If not, one risks paying the late fee of US$29 on the now subscribed fees of US$98 with the essay or US$84 without. That late or last day after tonight will be September 8. Remember the poster on Room 1 door that was painstakingly pointed at since July?

Well, my dear students, if this is not the Vitamin C jolt to "get your act" together before the October exam, I do not know what else will.....

Please do not forget to upload your pictures. I do hope all the students that I have been asking to do their SAT registration from the beginning of August who are in a mad scramble to complete, will do so before 11 p.m. tonight.

There are those with no credit cards who are also rushing in here with cash payments. Oh dear....This teen-aged level of procrastination is alarming.


They now have full scholarships....those looking at Europe, now is your chance.


Our website designer, John Adams, tied the know this week. Congrats John to you and your fair lady. Our deepest regard. Also to my past student Stephan Lynshue, graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic University, who ties the knot last weekend, good going young man...I see the wedding's event planner was our past parent, Sharon Bair.

Kudos to you guys, many happy returns. Remember, your wife is always right!

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