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"THE END OF SUMMER" Wednesday Blog

When students are rollicking on newly bought sheet sets in their new dorms, posting pictures while arriving on campus, fighting for beds in dorm rooms.....I can officially say, it is Back to School!

For my students taking a gap year, do so, but recognize the deadlines for next year are " right around the corner."

I see that the consultations are at a feverish pitch, but do remember that when we meet for consultation, if assigned a task, please complete....Consultations are ineffective if you keep rolling over what has been left undone.


It is time to complete your exam registration at


Those going to the United States, the forms are online. Begin! Dont forget that you have the writing supplements, invitation to teachers and recommenders.


Mr. Karenga will host Math workshops on Tuesday evenings at 5:30 pm. Yes, there is a cost. Check with front desk.

I believe I added promotional material on a school that may pique some interest, read on...

Solar eclipse, on August 21....countdown continues....

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