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There is a solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. Strange phenomenon, have your sunglasses on for that rare event. But as the US President and the North Korean President are fuming at the stumps, "fire and fury"......Strange happenings....

It is not Halloween, and the strangest thing has happened with the College Board SAT program....In 2016, they changed the exam. We adapted, retooled and got high scores of 1560. Our teachers managed the maneuver.

Now SAT has made a few more changes. We are reeling .....but have come up with a concrete plan. The College Board has scrapped the January exam. Huh? They have also taken away the November SAT I exam. We can only do SAT II subject tests. Gone are the days when my students can do the shuffle and opt to do the SAT I in November and do their SAT II in October.

The crisis will be felt by those rushing to do college plans in September. This is a problem. The long-term planning, the resits, now become a vague relic of the past. Students have to do very well in October and can only have one other shot at the exam in December.

These changes were so sudden, I did not have a chance to inform my Parents at their annual meeting a week ago. C'mon, College Board...too many rapid changes....why?

How do we survive? We are going to have students do both ACT and SAT to bridge the divide. They will have access to alternate dates as either score can be used.

More on this soon.


So a few parents found The Math Clinic's cost a bit onerous. So, we have designed a class to help those struggling. Please sign up at the front desk. We need to know the numbers. The cost will be $3500 per week(that is Jamaican) per person. The Math tutor has decided that Tuesday evenings, he will do it from 5 - 6:30 p.m.


Recently in New York, I stopped off at my favorite Independent film joint on 66th and Broadway. I accidentally ran into this documentary called, "STEP" follows the lives of three black girls in Maryland. One ambitious young African American woman starts this Step Club and we the viewers follow their journey through SAT's, grades, and eventual admission to college. Heavily recommended for my students and parents.


We are moving along nicely. August 1, the Common application opened. happy to see everyone doing what they should be doing. My days are heavily scheduled. I am happy. Keep it flowing.

Don't forget the Solar Eclipse, we will begin the countdown....

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