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I have always teased the South, the American South, without really knowing the South. I have read William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, John Anderson....and many others.

I fell in love with the spirit of the South but did not dare test the waters with my toe. I dreaded the bad news: lynchings, racism, rednecks....

But the teachable moment was this trip to Alabama. Apart from great sports, marching bands, great fishing holes, exciting blues music....

I have discovered three great universities vested in solid engineering programs, profound research in process for the sciences...University of North Alabama, Auburn and University of Alabama Huntsville.

Equally charming is the great civility and all the "howdys".'..

But the greatest discovery was the small town of Florence. This town contradicted the great illusion I held of the South. As I marshalled my Chevy rental through the byways and roads of Alabama, I realized that the community and town of Florence reminded me of some small town in Europe.

So glad my fear of the South has been allayed. Students....schools to look out for....

PTA meeting

What a glorious attendance. What a rapt audience. What a great line of questions on and about during Q&A..

Those who missed this meeting, please pick up handouts at the office.


Yes, we know. The books have been sold off. Three shipments...all sold off. The next shipment will be in office next Tuesday.


August 1 is the day that the opened its page for 2018 applications. I hope my eager beaver students have rushed to the page and started those applications.

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