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A few years ago, I met with a Mr. Michael Pascal. He wanted us to extend a chapter of something similar to Versan on the southern part of the island of Dominica. He was formerly one of Dominica's bright sparks who won many academic accolades and wanted to enlighten the South and give kids in that region some hope.

I remember him starting with a few students. Today, and I think this may have just been a few years, not even six, his numbers are rising and so have his scholarships. he chose to focus on the SSAT students.

We are proud of these students and know that their exponential growth will only serve to make the hovering parent company Versan, the pioneer that opened that door wear an even bigger smile.

Congratulations Dominica. To the teachers, Mr. Pascal...job well done!....


Yes, after Miss Kitty's show, she managed to salvage enough to earn her stop at the embassy this Friday for her visa, a trip to Howard University, her bills paid and some spending money, she has thanked all her sponsors and we say, Bon Voyage, also a job well done!


David Barnes continues too write excellence across MIT's chalkboard, especially with the recent project he has been working on...coding the Math language to assist English grammar and language.

Oh these Versan students.......

PTA Meeting

This Sunday, 5 p.m. Stella maris Auditorium, take those notebooks. Students are invited.


SAT I books ran out, but do not fear, we will have on August 8, 2017....

Aaron Mattis majored in mathematical economics and minored in actuarial science.



Marigot Development Corporation (MDC) secures $6.1million in scholarships

through its “US Private Boarding School Program”.

........Marigot, Dominica July 20th, 2017.....The Marigot Development Corporation (MDC), has secured scholarships valued at $6.1million for sixteen (16) students to study in the United States. The program targets students under 17 years old who are eligible for entrance at a US Private Boarding School. Students are facilitated in preparing for the entrance exam (the SSAT), selecting schools, applying to the schools and obtaining financial awards. The program provides support and guidance to students throughout boarding school and university as needed.

Michael Pascal, Coordinator of the program, says that they are extremely happy with the stellar performance this year, with 83% of the students receiving substantial financial awards. The students secured scholarships ranged from 70% to 100% of the total cost of tuition & board, for periods of two, three or four years and for the second consecutive year, one of the 16 students is a non-Dominican. He is confident that if the students continue to excel that they will be able to gain significant awards to top ranked colleges and universities in North America.

The students are: Selena Pacquette, Lease Anthony, Brier Evans, Yasmine Pascal, Krystal Charter, Jai Bully, Abigail Linton, Chaune Fagan, Sheba Hector of Convent High School (CHS); Kian Sorhaindo and Zoe Hypolite of Leeds Institute; Ajani Joseph, Kyrene George and Darlon Riviere of the Dominica State College (DSC); Eden Linton of St. Mary’s Academy (SMA) and Daniel Pascal of Chisholm Academy in Canada.

The new students will join six (6) students from the program currently attending U.S boarding schools. They will attend Deerfield Academy, Masters School, Salem Academy, Grand River Academy, Cheshire Academy, North Field Mount Hermon (NMH), Stuart Hall School, Orme School, Darrow School, Ms. Hall’s School, Rabun Gap School, St. Margaret’s School and Wayland Academy.

The program would like to thank the very loyal parents and the supporting cast - Ms. Sharon

Philogene-English Instructor, Mr. Bruce Martins-Math Instructor and Ms. Nadja Thomas- Interview Instructor; without whom this year’s success would not be possible. The program

wishes both the parents and students who were not able to receive significant awards the very best in their future endeavours.

The program begins preparation for the class of 2018 with an orientation session carded for 10 AM on July 22, 2017 at the Prevo Cinemall.

For more information please contact:

Michael Pascal, Coordinator,, 1-767-612-2248

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