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Midsummer Night's Dream Wednesday Blog

As Versan's quiet period comes to an end, summer classes will begin next week. The flurry in the office speaks to the rush for SAT, GRE, SSAT, GMAT, ACT classes.....the staff bolstered by interns are spinning like gigs in the office.

As we prepare the tuck shop, put lesson plans in place, cleared up class schedules, slotted in teachers, cleaned up files....We feel we are ready for the onslaught.


We want to congratulate Adrian Marsh who got into Villanova Prep with funding at this stage.

To Janet Jackson who just got into St. Michael's College.

To Nicholas Arana, on his way to FIT.

To Dara Harvey..St. Michael's...


Should you respond to our email at by answering this week 's will win credit for your phone.

"Give the exact date Versan started?"


So far, so good, we have had many coming through our doors...donuts finished, balloons still up.

Will end next Wednesday.

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