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"IT'S A FAMILY AFFAIR" Wednesday Blog

We are in the midsummer swing where the heat is unbearable, summer classes have not yet started, interns are teeming in the office, work is getting done, accountants are cleaning up our act, staff are filing for clarity and progressive growth, unity is arising, the karmic flow is rebounding and we are on an upward swing.....we like the upsurge in social media....we look forward to OPEN DAYS WEEK on June 26 - July 1, 2017...


We will have balloons, cookies and an open door. Come on in and get free counselling, information, College Planning and other details....Looking forward to seeing prospective clients.

Commencing June 26, 2017.


Jhodi Webster, who currently attends Agnes Scott College, is spearheading the social media foray. Michael Chen, an Ardenne Sixth Former, is doing a brilliant job with the filing cabinet.

Dwayne, the driver, is in the mix.

Mr. Emmanuel, our Chief Accountant, along with Michael Blake, the Accounting Clerk are at it......

We are so grateful for the human spirit involved , the camraderie and all that is good with human interactions....

See you all next week.....

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