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So yes, one week late. The summer has begun and that slow, creepy crawl of mangoes, freedom, flights out, summer programs, insurance plans, visa processing, and return of my overseas students for final prep ......

I am, of course, happy that my left nostril can take in the smell of an East Indian mango ( hence no early onset of Alzheimer's).....

I was elated at the outpouring of numbers at the Farewell Ceremony. Well attended, notes taken. The students, Justin Hamilton and Ashli Ann Douglas did a fantastic job in portraying to those leaving how important it is to manage one's time well in college, as well as other great tid-bits.

Those who have exams and did not quite make it, there are hand-outs at office for you.

Congrats to the Suckoo sisters, you are on your way! Whew!

Enrollment is brisk for the summer, we are again humbly blessed.

RIP Captain Burrell, the Versan team had worked with your son and seen him off to Lawrenceville and then Vanderbilt.

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