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It is that time of year again. We get dressed up, trussed up for this Sunday and raring to go....Sunday, May 28th at 5 p.m. All the weeks of planning, we are finally is packed with big screens and Versan alums talking to the freshly minted Versaners on their way out...We are getting a deluge of calls for the numbers attending...looks good for Sunday!

A little birdie told me we will be having one of Wolmer's finest serenading us on Sunday...oh boy, what a treat!

We have been heralding the graduates, but one comes to mind this week - that is the graduation of David Brown. You have been seeing the college graduates but this one is for a young man who was once of Jamaica's fearless journalists. He attended Versan to pursue law school. He scored well and took off to complete his JD at George Washington Law School. So proud of him.

As for acceptances this week, we have:

Kobi Wilcox - George Stevens Academy

Jordan Palmer - University of Southern California

I am not going to rant and say much this week, let us leave it for next week when all the pictures are in and sad/happy faces when we congregate as a group for some time to come.....

See you all on Sunday!

Judene Thomas on her way to study at Harvard for medical research.

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