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"Summer Almost Here" Wednesday Blog

Aargh.........we feel summer coming. My summer interns have booked their positions at the office. We love having summer interns. Congrats to Graeme Reid of Jamaica College fame, he was just nominated Prefect at Wayland Academy.

We loved our Happy Stories blog last week, but we have a better one this week as Alexia Blair at Nazareth College turned out to be the Valedictorian at graduation, top Resident Advisor and a super ace and champion of Speech Pathology. So proud of you, former St. Andrew high school grad. Simply marvelous! More happy stories.

We are just a few days away from our Farewell Ceremony. 5 p.m. The Gold Room, UWI Mona Visitors Lodge. Countdown much information to be shared. ACCEPTANCES Kevin Jamieson. St. Stephen's Episcopal/ Washington Academy/Kent's Hill Congrats Kevin. I believe the choice is St. Stephen's. VISAS Whew! I have not done this many visa applications in one week. Please call to schedule your appointments when you have received your I20's. In the madness of Trumpland, the unpredictability of each day continues. Good luck CAPE and CSEC test-takers.

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