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"THE HAPPY STORIES" Wednesday Blog

So in the aftermath, I received a few pictures. I have to boast about Justin Hamilton who graduated Magna cum Laude in Aviation Management and Flight from Florida Institute of Technology. So we see the "dandy" in his gorgeous serge suit...Congrats, Justin, from our office to your new one as Flight Instructor at FIT....cannot wait to hear your speech at our Farewell on May 28, 2017.

And Kyle Martin of Wolmer's has gained a full athletic scholarship to Howard for tennis.

SAT's were last week. I hope everyone fared well. In ten days, we will know.....

FAREWELL GRAND GALA draws night on May 28th at The Gold Room, UWI, Mona Visitor's Lodge.....


Nia Collings - PACE/Rutgers

Karimi Brown _ Georgia State University (Perimeter)

Zori Hamilton - Davidson College Summer Experience


The Washington Post just announced that Good Counsel is named as one of the Most Challenging High Schools nationwide:

America's Most Challenging High Schools: A 30-year project ...

This is the 30th anniversary of a moment that changed my life, when I discovered that a public school in a poor Hispanic neighborhood could produce 26 percent of all ...

Here are some great options for your students who are interested in getting a taste of what it is like to attend a top-notched US High School.

Each camp is $2,585 – a total immersion with American campers and American host families. The cost includes homestay, transportation, meals and activities. It does not cover international travel, visa and personal expenses.

American High School Cultural Camp (June 18 – June 24)

Boy Basketball Camp (June 25 – July 1)

Girl Basketball Camp (July 30 – August 5)

You will add your own service charge and your student will have an opportunity for academic year interview (for 2017-2018 or 2018-2019). There is $2,410 in commission in each successful academic year enrollment .

Here are the details and registration link – limited seats are available and the deadline is May 20. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions:


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