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So if there is one thing that gets me, it is the student who is desirous of going overseas because what he wants to study (CYBERCRIME, CODING, SOFTWARE PROGRAMMING, ANALYTICS) are not approached at an advanced level in Jamaica....and he finds his way at his school of choice, visits and goes bonkers, screaming, this is the best choice for excited, he is dragging all his friends for summer classes. You go Leejay Cardozo, I am happy for you. I know Champlain College will be the best thing since sliced bread. Ecstatic and congrats. Do not forget the Farewell Ceremony where you get your big hug.... I am truly proud.....

On the other hand, I am equally proud when one of my students visits a campus, sees a past Versan student and then notes, experiences are exchanged. Thanks Justin for meeting up with Ramon Dixon at Florida Institute of Technology. That was an eventful trip. I want to thank your mother for my Jacksonville t-shirt, business/scholarship contacts and information that shows your time there campus-hopping was well-spent.

We want to thank Jheanelle Owens for sharing her pictures of campus visits to UPenn, Wesleyan and Tufts. We so enjoyed those pictures.

An educational consultant once remarked, "When I am done consulting, I do not remember the students....well, we like the homey feel, the revolving doors and darn it, kids who know the process and can always ask for help along the way..." The Versan way.


Ashleigh Baldwin Georgia State University/Cuba Medical School

Nickola Tracey Kettering/Fisk

Daniel Buchanan Embry Riddle

Ramon Dixon Embry Riddle

Victoria Chin St. Leo's

Ashley Miller Millsaps/St, Leo's College

Leejay Cardozo Champlain College

Terique Pinto Bryant/ Alfred University


Last night, we hosted Brentwood School, at Stella Maris' Auditorium. Clayton Johnson presented on a spectacular school. He was great. Mrs. Kimika Lawrence gave a touching speech about her son Joshua's stint at The McCallie School. I told students the few things they needed to look out for in the "wrapping up" stages.....but onwards to the Farewell Ceremony on May 28th at 5 p.m. -The Gold Room, UWI Mona Visitor's Lodge.


This weekend, we will have mock exams for SAT and GMAT and GRE. You can pick your slot, either Saturday 1-5 p.m. or Sunday 1 - 5 p.m. Sign up. I believe everyone is registered for the real exam? Should not be asking that question now....

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