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This week started well, of course, it was the birthday, celebrated in fine style and kudos to all well-wishers. It was a great day. The week got better as one of my students was moping about his financial aid package and inability to secure a cosigner for his loan....then on the birthday, the gift came. I foresaw the plan, we executed and his aunt complied....whoopee, another one stomped, slayed and off to college. That is the "up day" at Versan. So those with financial aid woes, please see me.


Brentwood School is coming to Jamaica. On a beautiful acreage in Vancouver, Canada, this school still has spaces for September 2017. We are going to coin this reception with some safety measures for those accepted to boarding schools. It will be held at the office at 7 p.m. on April 25th. Lots to discuss. FOR BOARDING SCHOOL STUDENTS ONLY.


Alex Fatta - St. Leo's University/Drexel/Catholic University/Northeastern/Mercyhurst

Zhanna Ernest - Lewis and Clark/Howard University

Taylor Hugh Sam - Rollins/Penn State/USF

Kyle Gooden - Johnson and Wales

Daniel Buchanan - Embry-Riddle University

And more are still coming.......


Folks are getting into their summer programs. Yes! But there is a new one on the block for those who missed deadlines. It is at the Buxton School and is one for Cultural Exchanges. We have the details, come see us about it.


Today is Wolmer's Day, Ms. Vassell is there having a blast. I do hope she has a good day with some of my favorite boys. Age Quod Agis.


I suspect students have a week to complete late registration for the SAT in May. It should be about US$135. I pray that we get some copies for the Seventh Day Adventist students who have been shanghaied by the College Board. Just no forms to be found anywhere....oh you all know there is no SAT I available in June. So not till October!


I do know students are travelling and reviewing their school options. We posted D'Ondre Forbes who is thoroughly in love with Drake University. We also know Arielle McDonald and Jheanelle Owens should be looking at Wesleyan in Connecticut. I know Daniel Brown is overseas on the foray. I cannot wait to hear where they all decide to go...options, options, options.....Lucky them!

See you all next week......

P.S. Rohanna Gordon, all will be effected Friday, Natalia Reynolds, the same, O'Wayne Rodney, equally!

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