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Whew....more acceptances....and we have not sen the sum total some are meek and mild about putting it all out there on social media.

For Justin Hamilton who has one month to go at FIT, big props to him on completing his aviation degree, congrats on nailing a job, congrats on everything. He is an official flight instructor t FIT, he will be receiving benefits from American Airlines and is on the pathway to being an airline officer. We do hope he makes it to our Grand Farewell so that he can advise all our future pilots.

To Dominic Shoucair who is being inducted into the Honor Society at Emory University today. Loved the tweed suit, Dominic....

Yes, I do know registration for SAT is April 7th. All students for whom I am printing tickets should pick up on Friday or Saturday.


Arusha - Western University/ Guelph University/ Univ. of Toronto/ Waterloo/ Georgia Tech University/ WPI/ Drexel

Jordan Chin - Vassar

Daynelle Fenton - St. John's University/ Rollins College

Dayna Fenton - Arcadia University

Allison Ricketts - Williams College

O'Wayne Rodney - Howard University

Akeem Haye - Howard University

Erin Malcolm - Univ of Oregon/ College of WIlliam and Mary/ NYU/ Santa Clara

Madeline Sharpe - Carnegie Mellon/ NYU/ Davidson College

Wayne Myrie - Howard University

Matthew Brown - LA Film Academy

Jheanelle Owens - Tufts/ Stevens Institute of Technology/NYU

Joseph Smith - Eckerd College

Rochelle Vassell - SUNY: Binghampton/ SBU/ Ithaca/ James Madison/UConn/ U of Pittsburgh/Univ of Virginia

Dian Watson - Columbia Law School/ Fordham Law School

Monique Arnold - Columbia Medical/ UPenn Medical/ Georgetown Medical/ John Hopkins Medical

Eddie Cheung - Rabun Gap Nacoochee

More to come......

Congrats Versaners.....remember the Farewell Ceremony is the last Sunday of May at the Gold Room, Mona Visitors Lodge....lots to do and say...

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