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"TIS A WEDDING" Wednesday Blog

I must protect the privacy of my clients when requested. So no wedding pictures, no last names...but I was so thrilled when I saw the wedding pics of my student. In her story is a moral lesson. Done the Versan way....Ms. R came to me from a well-known high school. She completed her SSAT and headed to Berkshire.

Crying all the way as she had had aspirations for Phillips Andover. My warning was, "You are an excellent student, you will make it anywhere." She tacitly complied, emerged as Berkshire's top girl and ended up at my alma mater, Columbia University. So it is not the name of the school that does it, it i you.

Back again under my tutelage, Ms. R now wants to go to law school. We start on her LSAT preparation. You see: the journey has been SSAT, SAT, LSAT. So here it comes: NYU LAW SCHOOL. She graduates, she clerks. I even picked out her suit for the first day in the judge's office:navy blue suit, pearls and the hair rolled in a bun. There she meets the love of her life. She was married recently and I was the proud mom. Go R and B! Another Versaner completes this wonderful phase of life. The way we like to do it!


Jheanelle Owens University of Rochester

Chloe Peralto Mt. Ida College

Off to New York, to the SBSA Conference....bundle up!!! See you next week.


We printed in error that Sameer Maragh had gotten 1600. We were told in error, so we correct that mistake. I guess he knows what to do now....Smile. Tongue in cheek.

Sameer Maragh, visiting from Hawaii Prep

THE BETSY VERSAN BUS treading to Mobay last Sunday.

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