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So is it a bait and switch speech from the 45th? We hope not. We do pray the solemnity of ASH WEDNESDAY has knocked some sense into the 45th....let's pray and hope.

Congrats to Amanda Livingston who got into College of Ramapo, Caldwell, SUNY: Plattsburgh.....and she is ready to choose. Good for you.

I see all the pilots have made it into their schools and are aligning all payments to get to school in August 2017.

Such Versaners!

There are more acceptances..Will list....

But congrats to Jheanelle Owens who placed in the Caribbean for CAPE into UWI Actuarial program and landed 1530 on the most recent SAT exam.

We salute Nia who heads to Miami to sit her SAT. To Jordan Atterbury and Corey Scott...Good luck in SSAT on Saturday. Give it your all.


The June exam is not, I repeat, not for anyone sitting the SAT I exam. This month is strictly for SAT II subject tests only.

Farewell Ceremony is the last Sunday in May. Not missed. Countdown....

Parents Meeting is March 12 at the office..should be a Sunday!

Start registering for all exams.


O'Wayne Rodney -Howard

The Johnson twins - Howard

Dominic Johnson - St. Andrews College

Amanda Livingston - Ramapo/ Plattsburgh/Caldwell

Matthew Lee- FIT


Please review this school. Another one for our arsenal.


What a weekend! This past Saturday, our Speech team won its 10th consecutive State Championship, and our senior wrestler, Bailey Thomas, claimed the title at National Prep Championship. Our students thrive athletically and academically, and we would love to work with your high achievers.

Background: Our Lady of Good Counsel High School is the top ranked coeducational Catholic High School in the Washington DC area. It has won the prestigious US Blue Ribbon Educational Award twice. Currently enrolled are 1,237 young men and women from grades 9 to 12, including less than 2% of international students from France, Germany, Austria, Iran, Mexico, India, Portugal and China. Students find success in the International Baccalaureate, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Fine Arts, and College Preparatory programs.

Founded in 1958, our college acceptance rate is nearly 100% every year. In 2016, top 30% of our graduates were accepted by the top 30% of regional or national universities in the USA with multiple acceptances to Ivy League colleges including Harvard and MIT, earning over $33 million USD in scholarship. Our IB program allows students to earn both US diploma and IB diploma. Our STEM program (Science, technology, Engineering, Math) is a four-year curriculum that enables students to focus on a specific area of engineering study each year including Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering and Rendering Design and Development.

Our Lady of Good Counsel is located 45 minute north of Washington DC, in a historical and safe area that has been ranked as the 22nd best place to live in the US in 2013 by Money Magazine. In addition, Olney is located near several famous universities including Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins University. The facilities include a performing arts center, 51 acres of athletic fields, more than 10 science labs, a dance studio, a chapel, two weight rooms, two gyms, a football stadium with a turf field, and 50 classrooms wired with Apple TV / Smart Boards.

Our Lady of Good Counsel’s superior athletic program has had students continue on to compete in the Olympics. The program is distinguished by both its breadth and the performance of our individual students, including opportunities in track and field, golf, and baseball. The arts program connects students with professional artists from each discipline in a variety of ways including workshops, mentorships, and community-based relationships that connect our work in the classroom to the world at large.

Please let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!

Mrs. Yihung Mohs, Director

Global Programs at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School

17301 Old Vic Blvd, Olney, MD 20832, USA

w: +1 (240) 283-3272. c: +1 (240) 515-8983

SKYPE ID: admissions goodcounsel

WECHAT ID: Yihung Mohs


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