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Yes, we are in February. Things are heating up. The sun is. I will try to be apolitical this week. Who can watch The Kardashians when you have Trump outclassing and outdoing? Back to school affairs.

I am still not concerned about immigration issues in the USof A. Our students enter legally, complete studies "on scholarship" and will leave legally at the end of tenure...And so? Bring it....or face the tumultuous Women Protest marchers.


Taiki Sawada - Florida Institute of Technology

Daniel Buchanan - FIT/Jacksnville University

Daynelle Fenton - Long Island University

Kaylia Smith - MCPHS

Shannon Henry - RIT/ Pacific University

Keissley Nelson - New York Institute of Technology

Mariah Myrie - Mercyhurst/Merrimack/Caldwell

Amoy Quest - St. Mary's University

Daneille Walters - FAU/FIT

Shemar Thompson - Howard/MCPHS/St. John's University

Univ. of Delaware/Jacksonville U/Marquette University



The flyers and all from various summer programs are flooding the office mail. It means, hey, ho Silver, get your applications in order to receive scholarships for summer programs.

We have those for colleges and boarding schools. For those who have special needs, take a look at "Eagle Hill" and "Landmark".

For those doing Music, give "Interlochen" a deep Google search.

So to make those resumes attractive, come see us about this.


Please note our hard not to miss Farewell Ceremony will be at the end of May, a Sunday...You can't miss this event. Note in diaries, Google Calendar...last Sunday of the month....will keep you all posted.

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