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"Conferences, Flynn Ouster and Acceptances" Wednesday Blog

So SAT books are here. All those who bought out last week's shipment.....come and get 'em!

Best news all week, there is always a huge demonstration in Iraq where the US flag is always burned. This year, it wasn't! Why? They were moved by the activism in the US for upholding fair treatment of Muslims. Obama's legacy? Of course! Keep at it, protesters.....What else did they achieve? I think the biggest coup de grace ever. Ousting Flynn, The man who was dishonorably discharged from Obama's camp, jumped and joined the 45th President's we know...he had conversations with Russia. Any surprises? Read on my Versaners. Fact we get all 1's in CAPE and CSEC!

Intelligence does it....


Renee Morris: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy

Amoy Quest: St. Mary's University (Canada)

Keith Jordan Wilkinson: Howard University

Ramon Dixon: Jacksonville University

Dominique Delvaille: Jacksonville University/ Florida Institute of Technology

Jheanelle Owens: Worcester Polytechnic University

WEBA CONFERENCE (Miami, Florida)

This conference serves to join boarding schools and colleges to give consultants like little old me an insight into their schools. I do hope my techie designer, John, can add some graphics to these wonderful schools I discovered. I will simply list them. I need you to fact check and take a look at them all. Next week I will elaborate further. I did like these schools, the price tags and the wonderful opportunities they hold for our kids.

1) The Digital Animation and Visual Effects School (FL)

2) St. Martin's Episcopal School (LA)

3) Calvary Christian School (FL)

4) Washington Academy (ME)

5) Valley Forge Military Academy and College (PA)

6) Howe Military

These stood out, each for a particular reason. Next week, more anon!

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