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"HYPE vs. REALITY" Wednesday Blog

This era in which we live has taught us about truth and hype or "alternate truths." Such is life. We come across many people who fill our lives with excitement, half-truths...and when we settle in our own space and look within, you discover that your inner strength is yours and the reality with which you must take baby steps for growth.

That continuing with your education must be your decision and yours alone. That you must hold your truth, do your research and counter false arguments with truth. Do not go from leader to leader seeking information, stand on your own two feet and solve the puzzle by dint of your own research. Journalists, members of the Fifth Element, are doing this painstakingly now. Let us apply this concept to all our lives.


Keissley Nelson - New York Institute of Technology

Florida Tech

St. Thomas University

Shannon Henry - Marquette University

Brandon Boothe - Florida Institute of Technology

Shane Henry - Florida Institute of Technology

Daniel Brown - Suny College of Plattsburgh/Bryant University

Danielle Sinclair Rollins College

D'Ondre Forbes Xavier University

Florida Institute of Technology

St. John's University

Lauren Pottinger Milwaukee School of Art

Massachusetts College of Art

Robert Fernandez Florida Institute of Technology

Ithaca College

Again, I compliment all our students who prevailed and are receiving acceptances.

Live for truth, not half-truths.

See you all next week.

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