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January is almost over. SAT and SSAT tests are done. February beckons for those who will sit LSAT and SSAT. Many are in the throes of completing financial aid forms. For those wandering out in the wasteland, I have had my assistant send out emails with how best to stay in touch so we do not lose you to ennui and inactivity. The show must go on.

C'mon Versaners!

I marched with all those women across the world, though greatly disturbed that we do not cry for the injustices meted out to our women, children (boys and girls) this our Jamaican society. Someone casually remarked on my Facebook that we are all to foreign-minded, but lest we be unaware, the ball swings in a global village, we are all interconnected.

So the world moves on as we watch the Trump presidency with bated breath. We are living on the cusp of great history, so alive these times!!!

Exciting for college, boarding school and graduate school. Whoopee....let's enjoy the ride. Do realise that we cannot exaggerate, we must fact check every thing we say, great lesson for those of us who have lived glibly andhave been mentally lazy for too long. We have allowed others to speak around and above us without being able to hold them to the facts. Great times! Let's start reading more and less texting.


Jhanelle Davy -FIT (Florida Institute of Technology)

Ulani Rodney - Purdue University/University of Delaware

Ashley Kellyman - SUNY: Potsdam

Didier Traile - New York Institute of Technology/Florida Institute of Technology


The school is called The International Academy. Located on the campus of University of Southern Maine, it has recently opened to provide a space for Sixth Formers to do 11th and 12th grade.

What do I find fascinating? You can do college level classes while completing your high school career. All classes are taught by professors, and they possess an enviable AP array of classes. Like a solid IB program, one can complete 2 years of credit on their bachelor degree, minimizing one's college duration. If one possesses a high GPA, some $12000 is deducted from one's annual tution and boarding cost.

Let's explore this school. In April, Brentwood will be visiting Jamaica. This is another great boarding school in Vancouver, Canada. Exclusive.


Those of you who have completed your CSS Profile. Just go to

....and retrieve your IDOC numbers to complete the Non-Filer's and dependent student verification form. It can be uploaded or mailed. With accompanying documents.

International students, your financial aid documents are located at the front desk in the Kingston and Montego bay offices.

As we prepare to visit high schools, (Mobay and Kingston), let us give thanks to those who are our invisible advertisers, passing the word along. We are truly grateful....and to those who are visible...heyyyyyy!

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