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I am in New York sending off the last mail, trying to complete a short story and reflecting on the year's events.

We have a wonderful bunch of students. They do not say much, but they studied effectively, for the most part. Our mock exams continue to defy the level of difficulty of the real exams, so the students are scoring some 100 to 200 points higher on the real SAT. Whew!

The Boarding School Fair had its ups and downs but the Kingston leg was a huge success. We welcomed new members to the fold and they were pleasantly surprised.

Our SSAT group, for the most part, 80% fared well and should be comfortably placed in schools. They are a great bunch: Leah, Adam, Roxanne, Eddie, Justin, Kai-Lin, Cindy, Luke, Kobi....and the list could go on...amazing kids....

We lost and rehired our cleaning lady, Miss Millie, a superb cleaning woman, Thanks Ms. Millie. And for Mobay, we are grateful for all you do too.

To Mrs. Russell who keeps us together in Montego Bay, Mr. Palmer in Mandeville....thanks for all you do. For the kids at Glenmuir and St, Jago, who trek in from so far to see us...we love you. Go Alecia Mighty and company. We know the trek is long but you persevere.

Our graduate students were on point, once classes were over, they did their exams and nailed their results. Clap, clap!

As we move towards 2017, there will be new additions to Versan's brand. A bus stop is in the offing and soon to materialize somewhere in Kingston....we may be moving to a larger space...Ahem....Court reporting will be officially added as a service....and publishing are goals that will be realized. So more plans for Versan's growth...we will be invading our schools early in the year....Off we go again....

To John Adams, marriage is on the horizon, whoopee!!!!! Have a great 2017....To those accepted, more to come....yaay!


Zahra Ben-Mohammed : Howard University, Cedar Crest, Ohio Wesleyan

Joshua Butcher: New York University

Jordan Lowe: New York Institute of Technology, University of Central Florida

Renee Morris: Caldwell College/ Fisk University

Chrissy McBean: Drexel University

Ryan Moore: Illinois Institute of Technology

Brianna Burrell: New Hampshire College and New England Culinary

Garth Lyn: Boston University

Axel Ghisay: Stanford University

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