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(I saw this on the school/Harker Hall blog. They were featured for a successful pyjama project)

I am stressed from the late-comers but gleeful that it is not as harried as that of previous years. The students have done well. They are largely "done", crossed all the t's....So happy.We have had a somewhat peaceful Christmas.

They have come in with their packages. Do remember, it is $800 per package for mailing and $300 for the small envelopes. What goes in: Financial aid forms, copies of passports, birth certificates for some, CXC and CAPE results, preliminary forms will do...

Essays are still being written, but oh, well.....

I am happy that organization and time management are panning out brilliantly.

Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.....

To all the students who made my life easier with a smile or joke:

Ramon Dixon

Markiesha Morgan

Tarik Dixon

Shane Henry

The Johnson twins

Mr. Sawada

Ms. McBean

Matthew Martin

Jordan Lowe

Adam Rubinchik


Emily Chai

Sharon Chai



Thanks for being you.....

To those who made their early acceptances, congrats! A nice send off for 2016. You worked hard. For the SSAT results that just came out, not bad....SAT's tomorrow. Oh boy.....

I do love all my students, teacher, blogger assistant, friends, parents and to my husband who saw me through it all....God and family. Thank you for a great could I forget all our boarding schools and the reps who made our Caribbean fair a success?

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