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I like Christmas. I have dropped the Grinch title. It is falling into place. I have baked early. I am cooking all my specialties, early. My students are completing applications with not much difficulty. This is a Christmas of ease. Students are getting early acceptances. Some have been deferred (still good!) Others are having loans approved for entry in January. Our blog technician is getting married and we are thrilled....

Most importantly, I do not have neurotic kids jumping off cliffs or am I speaking too early?

SSAT and SAT exams will soon be out. My GMAT test-taker fared well. So Sonam, good job.

We still have Versan chickadees in classes for January exams. We hope they realize they have no Christmas.

So I am feeling Christmas this year.

We think St. Leo's College will be presenting at the office soon - so look out for a Monday or Tuesday 6 p.m. session.

Ms. Christina Johnson, there is one school, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy that is chasing your SAT score, will you take him out of his misery?

Do I hear good news or is it wishful thinking - electoral college could remove Donald Trump? Oh, happy day! or..........nooooooooo!

I post this once and not again......the deadline for turning in packages for mailing is December 20th for Kingston, 15th for Montego Bay.

SAT students, will you all press that button, please...the one that says submit? Please....

SSAT students who are having trouble securing teacher recommendations, transcripts...leave well alone. This can be rectified in January...Just submit the forms.....please.....

To all our students overseas in college, I see most had a great semester. I am happy. All the best for 2017.

I know my lot here all seemingly went with Regular Decision, so I do not get many surprises for Early Action.

See you next week...

P.S. Rollovers for January exam...please come on Saturdays 10-12 not Sundays....

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