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So, the October results landed. Pattanaik came in solidly with 1530. Lauren Chin with 1510. Our Lower Sixer King, not going off until 2018, made an impressive 1480, Madeline recovered from a debilitating mock exam score to stand in the prestigious 1400 circle, so did Michaela Bhoorasingh ( who by the way had a perfect 800/800 on Maths and Chemistry. In the 1300 range, loomed Folkes and Daniel. And I am forgetting all those names in between, these names just rose to the surface because these students applied the study techniques I have so reinforced over the years. Congrats! Try working at Versan last weekend for the Marathon weekend......packed office, nervous fingers on Commonapp Early Decision buttons.....a lot were done. I thought it was a good move. They certainly sweated and had the grades. May good favor and good decisions befall them all. College Fair I do hope most of you made it to the fair held the past two days at the Spanish Court Hotel. Some of my students found a few schools they were applying to, had engaging conversations and made the process ever so less daunting. Thanks to Education USA for staging such a good fair every year. Kudos to Hillel and AISK for working in partnership. SSAT Their mock exam is tomorrow from 4-7 p.m. Their interview days draw near. The Caribbean Boarding School Fair is doing well. All plans are in place. See you soon Trinidad, Barbados and St. Lucia. Here we come.

New York City I am in New York to vote, license my car and return within 2 days to see my students off to their exam on Saturday SAT....also look out for me on the Nationwide Election previews next week with Cliff Hughes. Will it be Hillary or the Donald.....? On the edge of our seats.....Am I nervous? Not really. As part of the Black race, I know we will continue to survive whatever the outcome.....

BOOKS More books will arrive this weekend. So those short on books for study prep, please come to our new and improved bookstore and tuck shop. Those scientific calculators and No. 2 pencils, erasers will also be on sale. November 3, 2016

Bryant University and Lafayette will visit our classroom. We expect to see a full house. At 6 pm in Room 1. Geana Angus will also meet with students at Jamaica. We stand with them in their recent loss. See you all next week.

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