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So I traipsed around the world and back - another NABSW conference in London at the Cumberland Hotel. With one day of respite, I managed to get some rest but then those dreaded emails, Whatsapp messages came piling in.

I left work for my classes and hope all were effected by the sweat of their brows. This is a holiday weekend, but should we give it away? I have it scheduled on our calendar that classes are off this weekend, but I sincerely believe we have to make up for any free moment we have we are going to ask the Sunday classes to see whether they can come in on Saturday or Friday to make up for Sunday being off along with Monday for the Heroes weekend.

Hence: those who come 4-6 p.m., you will have class from 11-1 on Saturday, remember the extra time for Hurricane Matthew, so we go on till 1:30. No SSAT and SAT 4-6 on Sunday. Advisories will be sent out via emails and phone calls.

The 1-3 Sunday classes - well, we are going to have to meet this Friday to give you Sunday off.

That's it folks for not letting you have this weekend off. Work, work, and more work...

As for the Parent's Meeting.....I will check to see whether we can pull this off Saturday evening at Stella Maris, will keep you all posted!


Some great finds for our boarding school fair. Some schools to check out. I will be introducing them in great details to my SSAT students.

St. Margaret's Victoria, British Columbia

American Hebrew Academy - Virginia

The Brook Hill School - Texas

The Bolles School - Florida

Lincoln Academy - Maine

These were of particular interest to me for students in this cohort. Get the Google out and start researching!


I must say that I admire how fiercely organized my Sixth formers and fifth formers are with their applications. Even the graduate students. Nice! Keep it flowing....

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