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"A Sad Day" Wednesday Blog

So a young teen dies on the football field in a match between Excelsior and St. George's College. Farewell Dominic James. I heard that your SAT grades were good and you had a scholarship. A sad day.

WISCONSIN, Wayland Academy

The Reid brothers. Graeme and Shane are now attending Wayland Academy. I am so glad Sit Reid sent me the pictures to show me how well they are adjusting. Good!

Mariana. I also received word that your adjustment at Stony brook is equally great.

It is good that the Reid brothers had recommended you to Versan and now you are all settled in at your boarding schools. Amazing!


The Early Action students should be in overdrive. Step up visitation hours on CONSULTATIONS. Tis a matter of days before those are due.

Why do some students think they need to sit the exam before doing applications. Please reorient your thinking.


Yesterday was the last day to register for the October exam as a waitlisted.applicant. don't be late for November and December exams.


REGISTER NOW for exams and applications.


Last Monday we had a session for Writing and Language Arts. Went well. Next Monday, we will have a session for Reading. Always 6-8 pm.

The following Friday it will be for the Essay. Mock exams will be announced shortly.

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