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"The Longest Day of Summer " Wednesday Blog

This blog is appearing on Thursday. I know. I fell asleep on my sofa and forgot to write it - summer fatigue!

A busy day. Lots of phone calls. Missed opportunities. Mr. Karenga had to take my GMAT/GRE classes...Fatigue!

I had to somehow revive myself at 8 p.m. to meet an old classmate from Wolmer's Girls - Andrea Scott, who now heads the English Department at York University in Canada. I cannot miss her presentation 9 a.m. at UWI, N 1 Room.

We had a delightful conversation over pastries, Mumbai Chai and Moscato, along with her colleagues. That was fun....The day was too long, the night too short...

Ergo, a Wednesday blog appearing on Thursday.

AUGUST 22, 2016

The start of SAT registration. Those who for religious reasons cannot apply online, we will have the materials in place for you to sit the exam on Sunday instead of Saturday.

(Happy to see students tackling the Common Applications...)

Athletes, it is time to book your consultation hours now....NCAA, Letters to coaches, let's go!!!!!!!)

Hang in there, Joshua! Almost there...I need a loooong vacation....

To my nephew Jordan Porcher, getting married on Saturday...congratulations....

Sorry, Hakeem, blame the misspelling of your name on my retypist John...c'mon, John!

Sayonara, till next Wednesday......

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